Saturday, 20 May 2006

A Legend Comes to Town!!

MJSK: It was great to have M.C.R (for security reasons, we cannot use his full name) visit us in Brussels for one night. It was such a short trip that we felt obliged to deprive the man of sleep for the full 24 hours he was here! Upon his arrival, he was greeted by JK - a legend in his own right - and was immediately handed a seductive Belgian beer made by none other than those booze-loving trappist monks!

We then proceeded to The Grapevine - a Place Luxembourg hot spot for "those in the know"! We met up for a drink with other former LSE legends before heading off to a Belgian institution: Le fin de Siecle, for nurishment. Petros introduced M.C.R to the wonders of Belgian cuisine by voraciously devouring a jambonneau.
Despite the inclement weather, and several bouts of banditry (Frederic and Sandra both had items stolen that night), M.C.R's mission was deemed a great success. He has agreed to renew his friendship with JK for another term.

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  1. Mmm... jambonneau.

    Can't recall when I last had that!