Monday, 5 September 2005

Greek Islands Post-Wedding Adventure with Friends

Left to Right:
Bill, "Pops", Janet, Erica, Catherine, Pat, Melanie, Steph,
Anthea, Rodrigo, Lise, John, Bela, Tracy (missing Dawn)

Early Monday morning following the wedding, a small (15 to be exact!) group of friends set sail for the island of Paros in the Cyclades. We had a wonderful time with our friends exploring the island in a caravan of 2 rented jeeps, 2 motorcycles and 1 scooter. We relaxed on some beaches, saw the sunset at the port town of Parikia (island of Paros), stuffed ourselves several times at outstanding tavernas all around the island, and hung out at the hotel pool in Naoussa, Paros. A few days later, some of the group departed for Athens where they returned to their respective countries. The remaining - a much smaller group of 9 - took the ferry to the island of Syros. Again we rented 2 jeeps and had quite an interesting time - to say the least - touring around the island. We visited some beaches, went canoe-kayaking, walked around the glorious Venetian village of Ermoupolis (capital town of Syros), and explored the other towns and villages on the island and saw what they had to offer. All in all we had a wonderful time enjoying each others' company. Many memories and many laughs are shared by all. To see the selected "best" photos of our island adventure, click here.

Sunday, 4 September 2005

Illingworth Family Photo

M: This is a photo showing some of the extended-Illingworth clan (partners and off-spring). (J: clearly one of the smallest families in the history of Canada).

Kotsopoulos Family Photo

M: This is a photo of the Kotsopoulos Family (featuring Angelique, Sotirios, Jason, and his fiancee Carolyne).

J: John is sporting a windy "comb-over" hairdo, perhaps in anticipation of old age.

Saturday, 3 September 2005

Our Wedding Photo

M: This is us at Cape Sounion with the Temple of Poseidon in the background. It was a bit windy that day but the sun was warm and shining beautifully!

J: (P.S. Come on, you thought we wouldn't include the requisite romantic wedding shot on our own blog? Apologies to anyone who thinks we're cheese mongers.)

Our Wedding in Athens, Greece

M: Of course our site wouldn't be complete without a wedding photo or two! This picture was taken at Cape Sounion (Temple of Poseidon) on Sunday the 4th of September 2005, a day after the wedding. J: This is your typical "wedding party hanging-out-in-the-shrubs" picture.

We selected a few photos from our wedding into a Best of Wedding album.
To see candid shots of Bride and Groom getting ready for the ceremony, click here.
To see photos of the Greek Orthodox Ceremony in Athens, click here.
To see photos of the wedding reception at the St. George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel, click here.