Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Alsace and Lorraine

M&J: Exploiting the supremely generous European public holiday schedule, we took a nice four day long weekend to Alsace and Lorraine. Despite the rather (to understate it) inclement weather, we embraced the trip unabandoned relish.

Strasbourg (Alsace) headed the agenda, and it did not disappoint. Having swapped French and German hands over the centuries, the place had a unique feel: a little bit of the best of both countries (French food, German portions, French finesse, German functionality -- how is that for stereotyping!).

With our incredibly powerful Chevrolet Lacetti (what the h*ll is Chevy doing in Europe please?!!) we also toured the Alsace "route du vin", popping in to several wineries to sample the Bacchian delights and admire the stunningly preserved Alsatian villages.

Just so that Alsace's provincial neighbours in Lorraine would not get too jealous, we concluded our trip in Nancy, a very attractive -- and this time decidedly French -- town. The art nouveau goodies in that city kept us particularly stimulated and satisfied. The UNESCO World Heritage Place Stanislas is a sight to behold.

To see some selected photos on Flickr, click on this link.

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  1. Chevrolet is slowly going to take over the EU. Watch out the H3 is coming soon to a rental dealership near Brussels.
    Your stereotypes were quite generous but I sure love them German portions