Sunday, 19 February 2006

Lois' 80th Birthday Bash!

J: From cattle- and oil-rich Calgary to Anne of Green Gable's Prince Edward Island, Melanie's huge family travelled from all corners of the country to Ottawa for her mother's 80th birthday. Melanie, with the very kind support of some little birdies, "secretly" travelled to Canada to surprise her mom on her big day. And what a surprise it was! Lois said, "I haven't been so surprised since they closed the old Capitol Theatre at Bank and Queen back in 1970" (that's supposed to be a joke).

The big birthday bash, which took place on Sunday, February 19, was attended by dozens and dozens of people. What a fest!

Later that day, the immediate family ventured over to a local eating establishment to indulge in copious amounts of souvlaki and a decidedly Atkins-unfriendly smorgasbord of potatoes and rice (for pics click here).

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