Monday, 30 January 2006

We'll Always Have Paris...

M & J: On Saturday morning, John took me on a little adventure for my 33rd birthday...he surprised me with a trip to Paris!

We spent Saturday and Sunday re-visiting the classic sites (never boring) and wandering the fantastic neighbourhoods and streets. We braved the damp cold and walked for hours, working up perpetually thunderous appetites that were satisfied only by consistently stuffing ourselves with every "Viennoiserie" (pastry) in the history of French dessert-making (OK, slight exaggeration, but you get the point; Dalloyau was a classic pastry spot, see pic below). We ended our gastronomic over-indulgence tour on Saturday night with a delicious French dinner -- and exceptionally friendly service I must say -- at Le Pamphlet in the 4eme arrondissement.

Sunday morning we were delighted to find a bustling market in the Latin Quarter (Mouffetard Market). It was a foie-gras feeding fetishist's fantasy (sorry). Aside from that goosey (and uber-pricey) treat, there were cheeses with monster mold colonies that made even a fratboy's fridge look comparatively tame. The boulangeries and patisseries had line-ups out the door -- talk about French commitment to baked excellence! John couldn't resist the urge to look legit (already sporting an unwieldedly Euro-hairdo and dark coat) and decided to purchase a shock-quality baguette to saunter around with. We later enjoyed falafel sandwiches in the Jewish quarter at Marais. Finally, we ended the 48 hour extravaganza with a visit to the Tour Eiffel, lit up in all its glory.

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