Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Ottawa's Baby Boom!

J: Our friends back home are in the midst of a prolific progeny production process. No doubt the demographers at the federal government of Canada are thrilled with the spiking birth-rate in Ottawa!

As part of Melanie's two-week whirlwind visit to Ottawa she was entrusted with the honourable task of introducing herself to these new tykes. From Braeden Ogilvie Leask, to Sean "Jebus" Millar, Little Miss Sophia M Perrakis, Grace Kathryn McLaughlin, and Enzo Antonio Fama von Shilling freiherr... she blessed many a child.

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  1. I heard the new Conservative government in Canada is giving out money to anyone who has a little "tyke." If only Canada had beer then it might overtake Belgium in social blessings.