Thursday, 17 August 2006

Flower Carpet - Tapis de Fleurs - Bloementapijt

Every two years, Brussels turns on the razzamatazz, struts its stuff, and delivers what even non-flower folk like me acknowledge is quite a spectacle: the Tapis de Fleurs (Bloementapijt for you Dutch speakers in cyberspace). The massive carpet, placed in the middle of arguably the mother of all European squares, is displayed for only four days on even numbered years in August. This year's themed pattern was "Middle Ages", which included nine elevated "rosettes", which spun slowly to give the whole thing an animated feel.

I must say that after what has been a horrendous August in Northern Europe (15 days straight of cloud and rain), this exhibit came as a god-send!! Click the pic to be taken to our Flickr Tapis de Fleurs set. Posted by Picasa


  1. Wow what a beautiful display of pure majestic belgian art. Wish we could have been there for the tour. How was the weather? It looks like rain, but maybe that was good for the flowers. Can we get a new quote up there - enough with Oprah, I want a dead person up there not some tv star - if I wanted a tv star's quote I would have gone to

  2. The weather was mostly atrocious -- as it has been all month (the worst month weather-wise since we moved here; a good 21 days straight of cloud). Of course the rain and cool temperatures did wonders for the flowers. Le Soir newspaper reported that, unlike previous occasions, the flowers were in tact by the end of the exhibit!

    About the issue of the quote, you can discuss it with my Oprah-loving wife, Mélanie. ;)