Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Change of Plans

MK: After a last minute change to our Greek holiday schedule, I left for the bustling cosmopolitan town (yah, right!) of Bonn, Germany. I spent two intensive weeks (23 July - 5 August 2006) doing training for the UNDP's ARMADA (Advanced Resource Mobilisation and Delivery for Africa) initiative. I not only received certification in "Projects in Controlled Environments" (PRINCE2), not to mention being burdened with "pop quizzes", but also learned that the UN has quite a complex system of acronyms - far worse than any government - in which even the same acronym can mean something different. How confusing is that? Despite the work-horse agenda (8:30AM - 7:00PM), 40 of us from all over the globe managed to pass the nights away at a local watering hole. The final night was spent at a Brazilian bar/restaurant in which - while sipping on caipirinhas - 30 of us danced up a storm while the local Germans watched on with part disdain and part awe!


  1. the flowers look awesome in the Grand Place. What was it like to see the Grand Place covered in beautiful flowers? Why hasn't these pictures made the blog? Just a few questions from N.A.

  2. Your wish is our command! See latest entry!