Monday, 26 December 2005

Visit to a Masai village

J&M: We started our safari adventure in Masai Mara. The park conjures up all the glorious images you would expect of the African plains.

On day two we carried out our requisite tourist duties by visiting a Masai village. Before entering the enclosed village, we were given a welcome dance, which JK was subsequently invited to join. The dance entailed a lot of jumping. Let's just say the NBA won't be recruiting JK any time soon.

After an interesting tour (by a very charming Masai warrior) of the inside of a typical Masai home, JK was invited to make fire by rubbing two "special" sticks rapidly over flammable (and relatively scentless, if you're that curious) elephant dung. Despite utterly failing to create any heat, let alone fire, JK was convinced to purchase the two sticks for an...ahemm...mere $20 (you know, just in case we end up on an isolated island with no possessions but the two special sticks).

I must say these young Masai guys had finally honed sales skills. I can only imagine how many encyclopedia sets or vacuum cleaners they could sell in Canada. They also convinced John, by shamelessly playing on his machismo :), to buy one of their special warrior clubs. They insisted every man should have one. John concurred...

Anyway, it was an amusing adventure. For more pics, click here.

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