Tuesday, 27 December 2005

Satisfied Kitty

J & M: On one of our safari game drives in Samburu Natural Reserve, we came across a leopard in a tree snacking on a baby impala. Since the leopard is one of the most reclusive animals in Africa, we were extremely lucky to catch a glipse.

But we were not the only ones enjoying this spotting: about 20 other safari groups were sharing the experience with us. Safari vans jousted for the best viewing position. The best viewing position was hogged by a peculiar photographer with the world's most powerful camera lens (this thing was a a meter long). He was the same guy we had seen hanging around with his monster camera and nothing but his tight Euro-speedo the day earlier, patiently waiting to snap close-ups of tiny birds drinking from a leaky water pipe.

The photo above was taken once the leopard had stuffed his little belly and washed up. You would have never known this cute guy was capable of causing such carnage. :) For more pics, click here.

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  1. hmm, hogging the best viewing spot and wearing tight euro-speedos...was this guy italian by any chance? lol