Thursday, 24 February 2011

A collection of feelings...

My Angel Baby

To the baby that I carried

But never seen your eyes

Or tell you how much I loved you

Or ever to hear your cries.

You will never be forgotten

The excitement we had for your coming.

When I realized I'd never hold you,

The feeling I had was numbing.

My angel baby is who you are.

My angel baby you'll always be.

Your loving memory will live in my heart

So you will always be right here with me.

(c) Lori Jager All Rights Reserved

A Part Of Me

As I sit and remember

When you were still a part of me

I try to forget...

Your life was never meant to be.

You were given a life, a soul, a name

But now things will never be the same.

You were mine to give life to

Though only for a while

Things had changed...

I will never see your smile.

Yet my love for you

Will never disappear

Though your voice, your laugh,

I will never get to hear.

You will always be my baby

Though I've never seen your face.

Not a thing in this world

Can ever take your place.

(c) Felicia Glik All Rights Reserved

They Say Love is Blind

They say love is blind and you made this true.

I never got to place you in a outfit either pink or blue.

Never rocked you in my arms as you quietly slept.

Not one tear did i get to dry as you sadly wept.

I loved you none the less with all of my heart.

My world crashing down when we were torn apart.

I dream of you wrapped in a blanket of a white angel wing.

The lullaby you hear is the comfort I wanted to bring.

I still hold you everyday the only way i know how.

God doesn't take my love for you this much he does allow.

It is as stong as it would have been if I would have seen you.

After my journey in life is done I will carry my love through.

It will carry me straight to you, you will never be hard to find.

We will be together and I will hold the love that was blind.

Looking into eyes that are mine that show a soul I made.

I will place you upon my chest where you always should have laid.

They say love is blind and you made this come true.

I will place you in an outfit either pink or blue.

I will rock you in my arms as you quietly sleep.

I will dry your tears as you happily weep.

© Christine R. Sinkel

I Did Not Expect This

This is natural, they say

It is all for the best

I cannot move past this heartache

This pain in my chest

Those days were surreal

Did this truly just occur

Happiness turned to sorrow

My life now a blur

This is natural, they say

I knew I was going to lose you

The most difficult emotion

There was nothing I could do

I am given no explanation

This is natural, they say

Were you pink or were you blue

My complexion is now grey

Trying to move on

A forward step everyday

I will always remember you

This is natural, they say

© Carola

Angel of my Tears

How do you love a person

who never got to be,

or try to envision a face

you never got to see?

How do you mourn the death of one

who never got to live.

When there's nothing to feel good about

and nothing to forgive?

I love you, my little baby,

my companion of the night.

Wandering through my lonely hours,

beautiful and bright.

What does it mean to die before

you ever were born,

to live the lovely night of life

and never see the dawn?

Ah! My little baby,

you lived like anyone!

Life's a burst of joy and pain.

And then like yours, it's done.

I love you, my little baby,

just as if you'd lived for years.

No more, no less, I think of you,

the Angel of my tears.

- Author Unknown

Piece of my Heart

How was it to be that I now am robbed of such joy?

Of watching you grow or finding out if you’re a girl or boy.

Never did I get to hear your cries or even see your tears,

Or kiss your little brow and hug away your fears.

I am just left here now with pain and few memories,

Of the days that were happy with you inside of me.

For you were loved and wanted oh so much,

What I would give just to have felt your touch.

The hours crawl by yet the time does not seem to slow,

I want to scream out to the world you are gone, why don’t they know?

How is the world still turning when I feel it should have stopped?

Why are people laughing and living when it feels like I can not?

Not enough tears can be shed to express the love we have for you,

No words can describe what we all wanted to be able to do.

I would have just held you and breathed in your sweet smell,

Shouted with joy and phoned all the people we wanted to tell.

But this time we called loved ones with the sad sad news,

That too little were you to live among us and we were meant to lose.

But nothing will ever erase those twelve weeks we had together,

For a piece of my heart you now hold always and forever.

© Kerri-Anne Hinds

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