Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Give & Get a little this weekend: Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy in the US, CAN & PR are turning (RED) all over – 30% off for you and 5% from ALL purchases go towards helping to save lives in Africa. A lot of goods = a lot of good.

Please note the friends and family coupon isS NOT valid for Product (RED) merchandise. When you go into a Gap store and buy any Product (RED) item, 50% of the proceeds will go to the Global Fund. With the give and get coupon, all items are discounted 30% from your purchase and then 5% of the proceeds will also go to the Global Fund. However, the fine print says, 30% is not taken off Product (RED) merchandise because it'ss a third party partner and it's going to charity anyways....we wouldn't wanna take away from the people the Global Fund helps now would we?

Also an interesting read:

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