Thursday, 23 August 2007

Hash #120 and Hash #121

There is nothing more enjoyable than going for a hike in the forest....... that is, of course, unless you are hiking in the tropical forest of central Africa where poisonous spiders and killer ants haunt you at every step. Once a month in Malabo, a mixed groups of locals and foreigners embark on a 4 hour adventure into the unknown.

JK was lucky - or unlucky depending on who you are - enough to partake in Malabo's Hash Walk ritual on his 35th birthday. Word got out to the organisers and when all was said and done, JK found himself sitting in a cooler of ice and freezing cold water while the Hashers sang to him. When the chanting was over, hey had to chug a beer while everyone poured beer on him. Poor JohnnyK!!!

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