Saturday, 9 December 2006

Worlds apart? Not really.

They may be thousands of kilometers apart, but JK and MK are still connected through one of their favourite past times...... eating! Both pictures were taken on the same day (Dec 2). MK is at a UN event outside Kigali and JK is in Aachen, Germany to check out its famous Christmas Market. Pics here: (JIV Day) and (Aachen)


  1. It is good to see that you are still visiting the legendary Belgian Christmas markets. Meat on a bun or on a stick is such a counter-cultural experience, I'm glad you two can share in these moments. Have a wonderful Christmas together one a few weeks to go.

    Love P&C

  2. The Christmas markets are not the same without you! You are greatly missed at this time of year in particular! The Aachen market was huge and impressive. Beautiful little town too. I will give the Belgian Christmas markets a key advantage, however, in the area of diversity of food (cheeses, cured meats, etc.) and booze (jenever and Belgian Christmas beers).