Friday, 9 June 2006

The World Cup Countdown is On!!

The countdown to the World Cup is on.....only a few hours left now! To see how many hours/minutes remain, check the 'ticker' at the very bottom of our blog.

All photos are courtesy of "The official site for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany"


  1. I predict the first upset of the tournament Costa Rica 1 and Germany 1. Then the next upset will see the USA advance for the second consecutive CUP!!!

  2. Can the US reverse the damage caused by the loss to the Czech R. and still qualify? As the Brits would say: "they have it all to do now"!

  3. The US was just warming up. The Czechs are one of the best, we couldn't expect to play with them on the first day, just wait until the next round. We took out some key players, just like I've always said if you are going to lose, win the next two and it won't matter.
    England will never win another world cup as long as I live. Secondly I believe Ireland has a better chance of winning a cup than England will - and Ireland if you don't know isn't in this one.
    See you this Saturday, come early and we can watch a game